Tips & Tricks

  • Ask us what you should bring. We encourage people to bring in treats, toys or special food.
  • When you check in your pets, bring in your most recent vaccination records.
  • Make sure you have your dog on a leash when dropping off, and do not remove it until you are told.
  • Bring telephone numbers where you can be reached while you are away and/or the number of a local friend or family contact.
  • If your dog’s boarding is a few weeks away, you might want to arrange for a couple of short visits so your dog becomes more comfortable with Auntie Linda’s.
  • Give Auntie Linda’s operation as much information about your pet along with past health problems and any medications that your pet might be on, and any unusual traits or sounds your pet makes.

When checking in, try not to make your pet feel like he’s being left behind. Try not to have tears or guilty feelings as your pet will sense your feelings and think that something’s wrong. He may become frightened and fearful, thinking you are abandoning him and will have a difficult adjustment period for the first day or two. The best thing to do is to reassure your pet that everything is fine and tell him that you will see him soon.

Bring a towel, blanket, t-shirt or something that smells like home (you). Your kitty’s material possessions: toys, brush, blanket, sleeper and so forth are welcome.

It is usually a good idea to bring some of your kitty’s food depending on your kitty’s eating habits and preferences. Kirkland brand cat food is served by Auntie Linda’s.

Don’t forget any medications and special dietary supplements if any. There is no extra charge for this service.