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This website will introduce you to Auntie Linda's and give you an idea of the services provided. We are only minutes away from top quality veterinary care.



Pamper your pet

Don't let your pet be a "latch key kid"! Let them take a vacation too where they will have someone ready to pamper them and cater to their needs. There's no place like home and home is in Auntie Linda's Spokane Washington for pet boarding spokane when you're away.

Auntie Linda's primary goal is to provide a safe, clean, loving and healthy atmosphere for your pet. perhaps the only problem with a vacation at the Bed & breakfast is that your pet may just not want to come home!

Auntie Linda's also offers specialized care for the unique needs of your pet. Dogs and cats that are very old or "medically frail", will receive experienced individual and loving care at all times during their Pet boarding experience.


First time boarding

  • Start boarding your pet at Auntie Linda's at an early age. If you wait until your pet is older to take them to a Spokane boarding kennel, they might have a difficult time adjusting. If you are taking an old dog to Auntie Linda's for the first time, we suggest trying out Auntie Linda's for a weekend.
  • When you take your dog to check in at Auntie Linda's make sure you have your dog on a leash, and do not remove it until you are told.
  • Ask Auntie Linda's what you should bring. We encourage people to bring in treats, toys or special food.
  • When you check in your pets at Auntie Linda's, bring in your most recent vaccination certificate
  • Give Auntie Linda's operation as much information about your pet along with past health problems and any medications that your pet might be on, and any unusual traits or sounds your pet makes.
  • When checking in at , try not to make your pet feel like he's being left behind. Try not to have tears or guilty feelings as your pet will sense your feelings and think that something's wrong. He may become frightened and fearful, thinking you are abondoning him and will have a difficult adjustment period for the first day or two. The best thing to do is to reassure your pet that everything is fine and tell him that you will see him soon.

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